Requirements for the use of diamond roller dressers

Dressing and profiling of grinding bodies by means of diamond rollers is increasingly gaining in importance in the field of grinding technology. Due to the economics to be achieved, this process is used not only industrial scale manufacture, but also in small-lot production, where it is more and more accepted thanks to short retooling times and easy handling.

This paper deals with the specific requirements to be taken into account regarding the grinding machines, in particular the diamond roller device, the various characteristic quantities as well as the functional operation of the dressing process, furthermore the design criteria of the dressing devices which influence these characteristic quantities and, consequently, the ultimate result of the dressing process.

Quite particular requirements must be met in order to ensure an optimal dressing result with diamond roller dressers. The major factors of influence to achieve an optimization of the dressing operation are as follows:

  • speed ratio
  • feed rate
  • dwell time
  • direction of rotation
  • radial forces
  • type and quantity of diamonds used

M. Steinmetz is the owner of a design office with engineering facilities for grinding and measuring technology in Karlstein.