Adjusting the radii

First of all, affix the adjusting aid at the provided position of the radius truing device. The very first adjusting of the radius is carried out with a stop measure equal to the exact size of the radius. Put the stop measure between the diamond dressing roll and the single point diamond respectively. With the help of the micrometer screw of the sliding carriage, drive the dressing tool towards the stop measure and fix the slide with a release handle in order to avoid it moving. Now remove the adjusting aid; after that, adjust the grinding wheel. Thereafter grind and measure the work piece.

Assemble the adjusting aid again and add a dial gauge to the drill by fixing it with a locking bush and a threaded pin. Adjust the difference between the measured work piece and the desired radius. When adjusting, reset the dial according to the dressing tool and unclip the fixed sliding carriage. Adjust the difference between the actual and the desired radius with the help of the micrometer screw of the sliding carriage. Fix the sliding carriage again with a release handle. If necessary, remove the adjusting aid and adjust the grinding wheel. Grind another work piece and measure it. In case the radius does not meet the desired tolerances yet, repeat the fine adjustment.