Further grinding devices ZSG150F/001

for contour grinding machines including
Grinding spindle SP60X300-HSK-C40/001 with tool holding device HSK-C-40
Manual clamping, permanent grease lubrication
Dovetail compound slides with 100mm hub each

Technical details of the drive: 1,1 KW; 230/400V; 50Hz
Rotation speed: 500min-1 to 12500min-1
Spindle holder: HSK-C-40 manual clamping
Grinding wheels: up to 150mm diametre
Width of the grinding wheels: 18mm
Spindle: 60mm diametre
Length of the spindle: 300mm
Toothed belt wheel drive: GT5MR/z=54
Toothed belt wheel spindle: GT5MR/z=24
Toothed belt wheel: GT5MR400; 20wide
2 pieces of dovetail compound slides: SSM200x310x100
Size 200, length 310, hub 100 with micrometer screws

The frequency inverter is placed in a switchbox.
The grinding spindle is driven at infinitely variable rotation speeds of 500min-1 to 12500min-1

Grinding wheel holder SSA32x16x100_HSK-C40-1 for external cylindrical grinding
Spindle holder: HSK-C40
For grinding wheels with an outside diametre of 150mm, 18mm wide and a drill hole diametre of 32mm

Cylindrical grinding devices

Description of the machine

The cylindrical grinding device is clamped into the lathe by the help of a multifix holder. The grinding wheel for the internal and external grinding is inserted in the tool holder HSK-C-40 with manual cocking by the help of a grinding spindle with permanent lubrication.

The grinding spindle is driven by a three-phase-motor with a toothed-belt drive system which is designed for very high speeds. The motor is driven by a frequency converter which is integrated into a separate switchbox. Therefore, infinitely variable speeds from 500min-1 up to 12500min-1 are possible. The direction of rotation can be modified by a trigger switch.

Motor characteristics1,1KW; 230/400V; 50Hz0,55KW; 230/400V; 50Hz1,1KW; 230/400V; 50Hz
Rotation speed500min-1 bis 12500min-1500min-1 bis 12500min-1500min-1 bis 12500min-1
Spindel seatHSK-C-40 manual cockingHSK-C-40 manual cockingHSK-C-40 manual cocking
Grinding wheel diameter80mm to 150mm80mm to 100mm80mm to 150mm
Grinding wheel width18mm10mm18mm
Interior diameter of the grinding tool10m to 40mm10m to 40mm10m to 40mm
Spindle diameter60mm60mm60mm
Spindle length138mm138mm200mm
Toothed belt wheel motorGT5MR/z=54GT5MR/z=54GT5MR/z=54
Toothed belt wheel spindleGT5MR/z=24GT5MR/z=24GT5MR/z=24
Toothed beltGT5MR400; 20wideGT5MR400; 20wideGT5MR400; 20wide

Grinding wheel mounting HSK-C-40 for external wheel, internal grinding tool and polishing wheels

Cylindrical grinding device with switchbox, control panel and HSK-C40 grinding wheel mounting

Cylindrical grinding device with control panel and HSK-C40 mounting for external grinding wheels

Cylindrical grinding device with control panel and HSK-C40 mounting for internal grinding wheels