Steinmetz Grinding Technology

Over 5000 STEINMETZ truing devices and grinding spindles are installed all over the world. Our competent technicians and more than 50 years of experience in truing and grinding technology enable us to provide an optimized solution for any truing and dressing problem.

We are able to achieve this high degree of precision provided by our products due to the high motivation and qualification of our staff and due to the use of state-of-the-art production machinery.
Our diamond roll arbors, dressing units, dressing spindles and grinding spindles stand out because of:

  • manufacture in the highest precision.
  • radial and axial bearings free of play. …
  • round and axial run of max. 2 µm.
  • life time grease lubrication (on request also oil mist lubrication).

We develop, manufacture and deliver diamond roll arbors, dressing unitsdressing spindles and grinding spindles which are designed especially for your machines.

Steinmetz Grinding Technology – your partner for high precision dressing and grinding technology

We succeeded in becoming a competent partner as regards truing technique using diamond tools with a special attention to truing technique using diamond rolls.

In June 1967 the STEINMETZ Schleiftechnik Enterprise was founded by Alois Steinmetz in Großwelzheim, designed for a modern and economic profiling of grinding wheels using truing devices with profiled diamond-coated rolls.

With skill, energy and competence he was able to guide the enterprise through its difficult early years.
The union of the community Großwelzheim and the neighbouring community Dettingen to form the new community Karlstein,took place at July 1st 1975 with the regional reform in Bavaria.

When the enterprise was taken over by the son Michael Steinmetz at July 1st 1990, the increased experience was combined with youthful dynamism.

Planning of our new company site took place from November 1998 to January 1999. Construction of the building and laying out of the site took place from March1999 to November 1999.
Finally in December 1999 the new facilities with 450 m² of office space , 450 m² production and assembly space on a total area of 2000 m² could be used, thus creating the conditions for the further development of the company.

Since 1967 STEINMETZ truing devices with diamond rolls, mandrels for diamond rolls, truing spindles and diamond truing equipment are successfully used for all kinds of grinding problems. The next step was taken on 18th June 2013 when we were certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

On 1st April 2014, we changed the company name to “Steinmetz Schleiftechnik GmbH & Co. KG”, a Ltd. & Co., with Michael Steinmetz being the executive manager.

Since January 2018, Mister Thomas Rohé, who has been an employee of Steinmetz Schleiftechnik for many years, has taken over the company. Mister Steinmetz will continue to direct the company as its CEO in collaboration with Mister Thomas Rohé for the next few years and assist him with his decades of experience. Nonetheless, Mister Rohé will contribute with his own innovative ideas to the success of the company.